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For many developers picking up the basics of Python is the easy part. After they’ve mastered the basics of Python, a whole new world opens up—

And suddenly it’s all about learning the libraries, frameworks, and best practices that surround Python.

Thus, many Python developers find themselves thinking:

“I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what I can do with Python.”

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help you out. Python is my favorite programming language by far and I’d love to help you on your Python journey!

Have a look at my products and services below and see what’s right for you, or just get my free newsletter with screencasts and articles for Python developers.

— Dan Bader

Write Cleaner & More Pythonic Code

Write Cleaner & More Pythonic Code

Discover Python’s best practices with simple examples and start writing even more beautiful + Pythonic code. My book Python Tricks will show you how: Learn More »

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Optimize Your Python Workflow for Maximum Productivity

Optimize Your Python Workflow for Maximum Productivity

Set up a great Python development environment once and it will keep paying dividends every day. My step-by-step video course shows exactly you how: Get Started »

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Speed Up Your Learning Curve
and Get Better, Faster

Speed Up Your Learning Curve<br>and Get Better, Faster

There’s no better way to build your Python skills than 1-on-1 education. Book a Skype coaching session with me and I’ll answer your Python and career questions: Learn More »

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Get Personal Feedback and Advice
on Your Python Code

Get Personal Feedback and Advice<br>on Your Python Code

Send me your Python code and get actionable advice on how to grow your skills in a personalized video code review: Learn More »

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Love Python? Show It With
Some Python Swag

Love Python? Show It With<br>Some Python Swag

Every Pythonista needs a great coffee (or tea!) mug. That’s why my wife Anja and I started an online store with unique mugs for Python devs: Learn More at Nerdlettering.com »

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Get Some Popcorn
and Lean Back...

Get Some Popcorn<br>and Lean Back...

Watch some free Python video tutorials and screencasts on my YouTube channel. Just kick back and enjoy! I post new videos every week: Watch Now »

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Grow Your Python Skills With
Free Weekly Tips

Grow Your Python Skills With<br>Free Weekly Tips

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