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The Complete Guide to Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers – Now Available!

Hey folks, I’m super excited to announce the launch of my first book – It’s called “The Complete Guide to Setting up Sublime Text for Python Developers”.

It’s a detailed, step-by-step guidebook aimed at getting you to a kickass, professional-grade Python development setup built around Sublime Text in the shortest amount of time possible.

I created this because I’ve been using Sublime Text for almost four years now in my Python workflow and I think it’s an amazing combo.

However I kept getting so many emails and questions about this development setup when I used it in my screencasts.

That made me realize how difficult it can be to set up an enjoyable Python development environment – and I decided to do something about it by writing the ULTIMATE setup guide for Sublime Text + Python 😃.

If you want to become a better and more productive developer then this guide is really going to help you get more out of your Python workflow.

Check out SublimeTextPython.com to see what it’s all about! Thanks so much for your support! Enjoy the guide and let me know what you think!

Your Shortcut to a Productive Python Setup with Sublime Text: Get a professional Sublime Text setup for writing Python that makes you more productive and will be an absolute joy to use. » Click here to learn more

5 Sublime Text Plugins to Boost Your Python Productivity

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